If I had to sum up the British Shorthair in one word, it would be “solid”. Choisir un nom pour votre animal . It is good to check if the breeder from which you take your kitty is registered with the national cats association. Le British Shorthair est un chat de taille moyenne à l'allure majestueuse et au corps puissant. Otherwise, the cat will become overweight soon. The British Shorthair is a famously robust kitty with a long lifespan (12-20 years). You would be very lucky to pay much less than £500 for a pet-quality kitten or an older, retired show cat. 59143 Watten Chatons. Over the years many British Shorthair have appeared both in Hollywood movies and in commercials on small screens. Longhaired cats of this breed may be known as Couparis, Highland Folds, Longhair Folds, or simply Scottish Fold Longhairs. It is playful and likes to play with people but it is not destructive at all. In the sections on care and maintenance, we’ll talk about ways you can address this. CHATONS BRITISH SHORTHAIR,LONGHAIR,SCOTTISH FOLD; CHATONS RAGDOLL, PERSAN; CHATONS SACRÉ DE BIRMANIE, SIAMOIS; CHATONS CHARTREUX ET BLEU RUSSE; PHOTO; TÉMOIGNAGES; CONTACT RAPIDE; CHATONS BRITISH SHORTHAIR. British Silver varieties (Silver Tabby, Silver Shaded and Chinchilla) are more temperamental and agitated, while diluted color variations, such as blue and cream, have a quieter and more affectionate temper. BSH kitties are blessed with a really good constitution and not at all subject to the health problems that can affect some other breeds. Il est très reconnaissable par ses rondeurs qui lui donnent l'aspect d'un ours en peluche tout doux. Le LOOF publie un communiqué officiel dans lequel on peut lire : « Génétiquement il n'y a aucune différence entre un scottish à oreilles droites et un british. Le pelage court du chat British est épais et facile à entretenir. Trier. Site internet. They have a similarly calm disposition to the British Shorthair but are a lot more cuddlesome and playful. They can be classified as a loving, introverted cat. Il a pour cousins le Chartreux et l'Européen. She needs a sensible diet of premium, high-protein wet food with very occasional low-calorie treats. Mais ce compagnon les vaut bien. Le Scottish Fold et le Highland Fold sont deux races de chats originaires d' Écosse, qui se caractérisent par des oreilles repliées vers l'avant (fold signifiant « pli » en anglais). Le prix varie pour plusieurs raisons, entre autres selon la lignée du chaton, l’élevage d’où il provient, l’âge … A cette date, des éleveurs décident d’exposer, à la Crystal Palace de Londres, les plus beaux chats de gouttière trouvés. thing to know about the British Shorthair, cats need plenty of attention from their humans. Aucune annonce pour le moment ! In this article, we’ll be looking at the similarities and differences between the two breeds, what you need to know about each one and how to choose your perfect cat. Caini, pisici » Pisici 1 800 lei. They both have many charming traits — they’re both cute, cuddly and have wonderful personalities. Representatives of the breed are recognized for their high intelligence, as well as for the extraordinary ability to store information, with excellent memory. With Scottish Folds, it’s a case of “the more, the merrier” — the more people and animals there are in your house, the happier your cat will tend to be. The British Shorthair is considered a medium to large cat. Bienvenue. More sought-after colourations can bump the price up to a few thousand. Elevage de cat's hart. L.O.O.F. You can say that they have a British temperament, so they are very chiseled and confident. Over time other color variations have also emerged: silver, red, cream, black and white, bi-color. Australian buyers are looking at $1600 AUD and up. Cats are wonderful companions. The usual caveats about training and careful introductions apply, of course; do be advised that the Scottish Fold is very gentle and not at all a fighter. The British Fold Shorthair cat is a medium-sized cat to the sea. Cela permet également de les différencier de… While you can probably go out to work and leave your Brit alone all day without her turning a hair, the Scottish Fold needs lots of love and attention throughout the day and will fret if left all by herself. Castrated cats often need to be given special food. British Shorthair FOLD - Osteochondrodysplasie. However, if you are looking for an energetic, cuddly buddy, then Scottish Fold is just the right cat for you. After the Second World War, some British breeders, attracted by the idea of ​​improving the physical appearance of British cats, paired them with Persian cats. Extensive cross-breeding has reduced the number of Scottish Folds born with these problems, however. And if you take such a kitten when you become a parent, you can rest assured that they will achieve the increase together. A cat from a less scrupulous breeder may cost you much more in vet bills than you might save. As mentioned previously, if you really want a cuddler you might be a bit disappointed: I have met British Shorthairs who wanted extended lap time with their humans but for the most part they want to sit with rather than on you. Although British cats are very attached to their masters, they know to keep their distance when they feel it is the case. Scottish Folds make absolutely wonderful family pets. Very fluffy but not soft, the short fur of these cats retains their original, thick and plush characteristics, providing the cat with protection against the cold and humid climate in the UK. Du Domaine De chopin . British Shorthairs are also very sedated, a trait that becomes more pronounced with age and which can make them prone to laziness. Named Susie, this cat had folded ears that gave her an unusual owlish look. Amazon Associates Program is an affiliate program that enables us to receive a commision on recommended products when we link to Amazon.com CatScottishFold.com participates in advertising programs like Google Adsense. Père : Maybach Platinum. Des croisements avec le british longhair sont autorisés. A routine annual routine check is recommended after eight years of age, including teeth cleaning and blood tests to check liver and kidney function. Sa tête courte avec des oreilles rondes et de grands yeux jaunes rappelle lapparence dun teddybear... Un chat à qui lon a envie de faire des câlins ! Elevage familial de Scottish fold - Highland fold & British shorthair - British longhair. Please consult Amazon and Google for their privacy policy. Expect her to follow you quietly from room to room, to sit by you on the sofa and wait for you at the door when you’re due to come home from work. Trier par localisation. The body is very well proportioned from all points of view: it is massive, compact and robust, rounded shapes leading to some “plush bears” as they are still called. If the house will be empty a lot, I would recommend the self-contained British Shorthair. De Domus Cats. Il se reconnaît grâce à un corps massif et puissant mais aussi une queue courte et épaisse. Romans brought these cats and paired with wild autochthonous feline specimens, resulting in a new species: robust and strong, able to handle the adverse climate of UK. The one additional step I would recommend is a weekly brushing or combing to deal with all that thick, plush hair; this will stop her from shedding on everything and getting furballs. PKD/FIV/FELV négatif. Expect to pay a few hundred pounds or the equivalent in dollars for a kitten with pet-quality characteristics; inexpensive kittens often lack a pronounced fold, although they may still be noticeably lop-eared (note that all kittens are born with straight ears and don’t develop their folds till the third week of life). https://catscottishfold.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/british_shorthair.mp4, Scottish Fold Health Issues & Health Risks. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully monitor the quantity and quality of the diet that the animal consumes. Les femelles pèsent en moyenne trois à quatre kilos alors que les mâles se situent davantage autour de cinq à huit kilos. A dog who hasn’t received the proper socialisation and training may see the cat as prey and attack her. They do, however, fall prey to the same conditions as any other domestic cat. The first real pedigree British Shorthairs were generally of the “British Blue” type, the result of cross-breeding with the lovely Russian Blue to create a BSH with gloriously thick blue-grey fur and unforgettable deep amber or coppery eyes. The BSH kitty is not destructive and tends not to act out by clawing or spraying unless seriously stressed. Catscottishfold.com can collect Google Analytics information but we will not share them with any third party. The most important thing to know about the British Shorthair is that this is a very independent cat. Reine. chats British Longhair British Shorthair Highland Fold (Scottish Fold à Poil Long) Scottish Fold. Set aside sometime every day for a regular play-date where you break out the teaser toys and really try to stimulate the cat. Active but not prone to mischief, this breed loves games and responds eagerly to any playful overtures (while the BSH may need a bit more encouragement to get moving). Le British Shorthair a une fourrure qui est courte et dense avec un sous-poil très épais et serré, à tel point qu'on peut le comparer à de la laine. Minor quibbles aside, both are sweet-natured, calm and easy to care for. How long can a mother cat be away from her kittens? Filtres . Some cats can live up to the astounding 20 years of age! British Shorhairs can be considered longevives, as they often reach the age of 20. L’ensemble des chats sont alors appelés British Shorthair. Children need to be taught how to treat cats compassionately and with respect, of course. Toutes les robes et toutes les couleurs sont reconnues. DOB 29/6/2019. Hi, my name is Sarah and I would like to welcome you to MyBritishShorthair.com You will learn here everything you need to know when owning a British Shorthair cat. Nord 59970 Odomez . Like the British Shorthair, this cat is somewhat prone to becoming overweight. Nos chats sont nos animaux de compagnie, ils circulent librement dans la maison et reçoivent tout l'amour qu'ils méritent. They will not “meaw” very much, but they have a habit of making continuous and prolonged purrs.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'catscottishfold_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',151,'0','0'])); What is remarkable for these cats is that they are just as cute as both young and adults. Mère : Pussie Platinum Bear . Reine. This way we can provide useful information and keep the site up without any costs for the final users. Le nom de Highland Fold est donné à la variété à poils mi-longs tandis que la variété à poils courts est appelée Scottish Fold. Adult toms get a lot bigger — they may weigh from 5.5 kg (12 lbs) up to a hulking 16.8 kg (15 lbs). Try not to let your BSH cats get much heavier than this. Portée à venir. British Shorthairs are not rare but they are hugely popular. Portée à venir. Today, breeding Scottish Fold cats are carefully monitored for signs of pain or lameness and de-sexed if these appear. A baby British Shorthair, although very robust and growing very fast in weight, develops physically and mentally only between 3-5 years. You should make sure she gets plenty of fluid (consider a kitty water fountain) and feed her a diet of premium high-protein wet food. The British Shorthair cat served as a model for the Chesire Cat character in “Alice in the Wonderland” and “The Shoe Pussycat” – a popular image that will probably remain impressed by the minds of children. The color of the eyes is very clear, with shades of golden to black, with the exception of white varieties – whose eyes are blue, golden or even in different colors – and those with pointers (blue eyes); (Silver Tabby, Spotted, Mackerel) and shaded (Silver Shaded and Chinchilla) – whose eyes are golden or green. These cats are physically very sturdy, with chunky, muscular bodies; they also have solid, steady personalities. Normally, British males are a bit bigger than females. British Fold Shorthair fur is unique: short and thick as a carpet, requiring little care. On l’aperçoit surtout à partir de 1871. In general, the British Shorthair needs little additional care besides what you would give to any other domestic kitty. I would not hesitate to recommend a British Shorthair to a household with youngsters, other cats and a cat-friendly pooch or two. British Shorthairs are the result of an attempt to create a pedigree breed from the standard British domestic cat. Consequently, the British Shorthair specimens appeared in a rich coloristic variety, their shapes became more rounded. Groupe sanguin Ab. Sexe: Femelle. Her silent character recommends her as a companion for less active masters or for those who are always left home. If they have a flaw as a breed, it might be that they’re too placid and patient. The British Shorthair cat is quite rare and discreet. The last recognized colors are chocolate and lilac, the latter having a gray-pink hue. Keep in mind that, given this breed’s propensity to joint and mobility problems, it is even more important than usual to choose a reputable breeder. Being known as a lazy cat, the British Shorthair feline does not require attention from the masters, but it is a pleasure to play if they are appealing. Shorthair yavru kedi fiyatları 500 lira ( TL) ile 4000 lira (TL) 2021 yılı için aralığında incelemelerimizde aldığımız ücretlendirmelerdir. Accueil; Les races; Nos mâles; Nos femelles; Mariages/Chatons; Sont devenus ; Notre chatterie; 0496/ 200 802; dans notre petit élevage familial Tous nos chats vivent à l'intérieur de notre foyer. Do bear in mind, however, that introductions need to be performed with care and interactions supervised until you’re sure the dog will not chase or bite the cat. It can be managed effectively with medication and lifestyle changes. This breed descends from a little white barn cat found in 1961. A good breeder will conscientiously monitor their stud and queen cats for any signs of these problems so that any kittens can be born healthy and pain-free. You may change your settings at any time. British Shorthair : 2670; British Longhair : 909; Scottish Fold : 577; Scottish Straight : 911; Highland Fold : 288; Highland Straight : 503; Ces pedigrees sont en constante augmentation. Another new breed is British Shorthair Silver Tipped – the cats have the undercoat of a silver-white fur and the peaks of the fur colored in another hue (black, blue, etc. One of the most characteristic features of British Fold Shorthair cats is facial expression “joyful”, this cat seems to “smile” all the time, which often raises the astonishment and admiration of those who see it for the first time. It would be desirable for sterilized specimens not to exceed two meals per day, administered at fixed hours (morning and evening). The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat breed. The Scottish Fold is a “people person” and won’t be happy unless she can be by your side. PKD/FIV/FELV négatif. Do Scottish Folds and Dogs get along? There's a very wide spectrum of feline sociability. Scottish Folds are also very easy to care for. Eleveur. Although they’re more of a lap cat than the BSH kitty, the Scottish Fold doesn’t like to be handled overmuch. Mazerolles-du-razès 11240 Chatons british shorthair et longhair loof. Portée à venir. Kısa tüyleri … British shorthair. chats Scottish Fold. The British Shorthair cat does not require complicated care. Another difference between the breeds is Scottish Folds are much less independent than the stalwart British Shorthair. Once they have learned to open a door, they will never forget that method. They have a rather subtle way of expressing their affection and love for you. The main issues to look out for with this breed are haemophilia (this can be detected via a blood test), urinary and renal issues, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. We do not use this data. When reaches maturity, British Fold can weigh up to eight pounds, while a female can reach about six pounds. That’s one more reason why British cats are not hard to take care of. They often have an aristocratic, reserved attitude that betrays their typical British temper. La fourrure du british shorthair est courte et dense avec un sous-poil épais. En moyenne, le prix d’achat d’un British Shorthair chaton en élevage se situe entre 900 € et 1200 €. The British Fold Shorthair cat is one of the most beloved cat breeds with a gentle character and behavior. Éleveurs par espèces . British Shorthair was the name given to these felines in order to distinguish them from other countries specimens, such as the Orientals and long-haired cats (originary from Angora). Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Calme, intelligent, le British Shorthair est l'animal de compagnie idéal. Elevage professionnel à caractère familial de chats LOOF de race British Shorthair & British Longhair, Scottish Straight & Scottish Fold et de Highland Straight & Highland Fold. Oreilles pliées (en cas de mariage avec Scottish/Highland) Description: Défaut de développement du cartilage et des os conduisant à un repliement de l'oreille, des os appendiculaires distaux anormaux et un … When you first acquire your Scottish Fold at 12 weeks or so, she may weigh less than half a kilo; don’t worry, though, as she’ll soon grow up. Découvrez la race British Shorthair en vidéo I would have no qualms about recommending either of these breeds as your first kitty. Deciding between a British Shorthair and a Scottish Fold can be a little tricky, especially if this is your first cat. Père : Champion WCF Teddy Brits *IT Harrison. If this is your second cat, a Scottish Fold would be fine. As for dogs, some BSH kitties seem to actively benefit from the companionship and stimulation that a well-trained dog can provide. British Fold Shorthair is one of the oldest breeds of cats in the UK, having as ancestors cats imported by the Romans during the Roman Empire. Due to the fact that it matures so hard, British Shorthair cats retain their excellent physical shape for a long time and the life expectancy is significantly higher than with other cats. From the mist of ancient history, it is said that the Romans, after taking over the British territories and starting to practice agriculture, around the year 400, brought a lots of cats to guard the rodent crops. What breeds? Le British Shorthair et les Personnes âgées : Le fait qu’il ait un physique le rendant plus placide que d’autres, le British Shorthair, à l’âge adulte, peut tout à fait convenir à une personne plus tranquille. Advertising on this site can collect data. Scottish Fold vs Scottish Fold Munchkins – Differences and Similarities. … Let her set the pace and come to you for petting rather than insisting on picking her up. In UK, there are plenty of British Shorthair cats so you can get one of any color you want. These loving and affectionate cats are also great with cat-friendly dogs. The British Shorthair’s calm, patient character makes her a good fit with little ones. The cheeks are prominent and beautifully pointed, the nose is short and straight, and has a firmly defined chin. Only when he or she wants something will find the right time to express himself (he is hungry or feels a danger, or simply wants affection). She does not seem to be disturbed by the strangers who visit her family as long as they admire her from a distance and do not try to touch her without her own will. British Fold Shorthair is one of the oldest breeds of cats in the UK, having as ancestors cats imported by the Romans during the Roman Empire. You should expect your cat to keep getting bigger and taller until at least three years old, with some BSH cats taking a full five years to get their full stature. Elbows have strong muscles, are thick and moderately long, and the tail is generally short and ends with a rounded tip. The Scottish Fold is a very sweet cat. The Scottish Fold lacks the British Shorthair’s trademark independence, as a rule, and can become sad and lonely if left without company for too long. A British Shorthair will have to be exaggerated enough to be determined to take off his claws. chats British Shorthair Highland Fold (Scottish Fold à Poil Long) Scottish Fold Scottish Straight. Montréal, Québec, Canada Les nouvelles portées. These kitties can become incredibly lazy if you don’t make a special effort to get them moving. Ears, medium to small in size, are wide at the base, located at a distance, well covered with fur and tufted hair. Enjoy the site! Scottish Fold et British Shorthair . You should factor this in when shopping for equipment such as litter trays and cat trees. Chatons British Shorthair à naître à l'automne 2021 Des chatons sont à naître prochainement. The latest variety is British Colorpoint, whose fur and model resembles that of the Siamese. A British Shorthair was exhibited at the first ever cat show, in the Crystal Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria. Typical weight ranges for adult Scottish Fold kitties are 4 to 6 kg (roughly 9 to 13 lbs) for toms, 2.7 to 4 kg (6 to 9 lbs) for queens. 5 superbes chatons British Shorthair et Longhair sont nés le 18 novembre 2020 Le British est une race de chats doux, câlins, joueurs et proches de son maître. Lorsque le chat tourne la tête, le poil se sépare au niveau de l'encolure. Portée à venir. They have a similar round configuration as the British Shorthair but they don’t get nearly as hefty. ! My only hesitation would be in recommending the Scottish Fold to a single professional, or to a family where everyone is out at work or school all day long. DOB 26/6/2020. The best British Shorthair can vary between 400-1000$ a cat. Sexe: Femelle. Les British Shorthair sont plutôt robus… The British Shorthair is independent but loyal and affectionate. link to How long can a mother cat be away from her kittens? She is said to possess the love and calm of the Persians, but also the intelligence of the Europeans. Reine. Cluj-Napoca Ieri 10:06. It’s also possible (if unusual) for a British Shorthair to turn up at a shelter or a pet adoption list; this is definitely the least expensive option, although you may be in for a long wait.