It was restored by landscaper Louis Benech and artist Jean-Michel Othoniel in 2015. Bekijk meer ideeën over tuin, formele tuin, landschapsarchitectuur ontwerp. The original pool here was extended during the reign of Louis XIV and, in 1671, decorated with the famous gilded lead sculpture of Apollo on his chariot. Louis Benech is France’s most renowned landscape artist. He notes that his plan features a series of graceful ovals containing a waterway of connecting pools — three of them ablaze with Othoniel’s dramatic sculptures — and an amphitheater surrounded by trees. Im Hotelgebäude begeistert der Ballsaal Clemenceau mit majestätisch anmutender Innenausstattung und Möblierung sowie antiken Kronleuchtern. Louis Benech came to gardening and landscape architecture through his love for plants. A ballet of fountains by Othoniel dances in the background. Louis Benech, who kept the lines of the original square and the idea of an open-air theatre. Das gilt auch für das Boskett des Wassertheaters. The fountains were turned on in a dazzle of whirling spray, and it seemed as if the Sun King himself was dancing across the water’s effervescent surface. “The number three doesn’t come out of the blue,” Benech asserts. Die Boskette, die sich im Herzen der baumgeschmückten Bereiche der französischen Gärten verstecken, wurden früher für Empfänge und Konzerte genutzt. After two years' work the Water Theatre Grove, redesigned by Louis Benech and enhanced with fountain sculptures by Jean-Michel Othoniel, will be open from 12th May 2015. As we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the death of Louis XIV, a great builder and patron of the arts, this work is proof that the Palace of Versailles remains at the heart of contemporary creation. Find the perfect Louis Benech stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Es bestand aus zahlreichen Springbrunnen, deren Wasserspiele perfekt zu den gartenbaulichen Anlagen passten. © Fabrice Moireau / Agence Louis Benech, An aerial photograph of Versailles shows the proximity of the main palace to the Water-Theater Grove. On the day of my visit, rain had been forecast, but the morning sun shimmered over the bouquet’s pools and their golden glass sculptures. Gleichzeitig handelt es sich um einen unglaublich verbindenden Ort, an dem alle gleich sind. Photo © Eric Sander, Benech brought the historic St. Anthony’s garden behind the St. Louis Cathedrale — the spiritual oasis of New Orleans’s French Quarter — back to life after Hurricane Katrina, planting more than 130 native and European plants in an array of white-flowered boxwood squares. This grove was one of the first to be laid out by André Le Nôtre in the northern section of the gardens in 1666. The cathedral’s late Monsignor Crosby Kern said it was “a tangible sign of rebirth that rebuilds the spirit.” Photo © Agence Louis Benech, At the Domaine de la Balive, in Sologne, France, Benech combined function with finesse, using a striking Greek key–shaped canal of mirrored water to join two pools once used to water farm animals. Benech’s grove is designed to withstand the attentions of Versailles’ six-million annual visitors; it will be the only bosquet open in all seasons, every day. He re-introduced Le Nôtre’s deployment of multiples of three, from the 18 jets of the colonnade to the 90 live oaks that assure a year-round evergreen presence. Le paysagiste Louis Benech et l'artiste Jean-Michel Othoniel redessinent une nouvelle vie pour le bosquet du Théâtre d'Eau. Louis Benech looks back on his seminal projects, testaments to his glorious gift and to the constant, occasionally heart-rending, effects of time. Versailles, France - August 02, 2020: The Water Theatre grove in the Gardens of Versailles. Das Boskett des Wassertheaters war ursprünglich das gelungenste Boskett von Versailles. “I decided to rely on very simple facts — to make a water theater and to do it in a similar way to how Le Nôtre worked: not alone, but with a team of artists,” Benech explains. The plantations were tiny then and it was difficult to identify with the project. Weitere Inhalte, die Sie interessieren könnten. Bei Unwettern in den Jahren 1990 und 1999 wurde der Bereich stark beschädigt und daraufhin aus Sicherheitsgründen für die Öffentlichkeit gesperrt. Already known internationally, he will step even more firmly into the spotlight when his revamp of the 17th-century Bosquet du Théâtre d’Eau (Water-Theater Grove) at Versailles opens to the public on May 12. Hier wurden zu Zeiten Ludwigs XIV. See more ideas about french garden, landscape design, landscape. The Paul-Louis Weiller Sale The taste of a hedonist. Landscape artist Louis Benech and artist Jean-Michel Othoniel have created a permanent contemporary artwork for Water Theatre Grove. Benech has been awarded the French Legion of Honor; he’s a Chevalier des Arts et Lettres and a member of the British Royal Horticultural Society — so everyone must have assumed he was a shoo-in when the Chateau de Versailles announced an international competition for a contemporary redesign of this bosquet. Devised to surprise, complex topiaries concealed other watery spectacles from visitors until they were fast upon them. E-Mails werden Montag bis Freitag innert 48 Stunden beantwortet. Hier finden Sie die Antworten zu den am häufigsten gestellten Fragen, wie Sie better-living und den 3D-Planer optimal nutzen können. Like the king’s landscaper, Benech also inserted different geometries inside the larger organizational forms. Schlossgarten umgestaltet Moderne Kunst in Versailles Landschaftsgärtner Louis Benech und Glaskünstler Jean-Michel Othoniel haben die im 17. The tones and textures of white Rose rugosa, Soeur Agnes oleander, gray helichrysum and phlomis merge and contrast in the Yellow Walk, while mounds of teucium frutcans line the Central Walk. The recently opened Water Theater Grove is the first new permanent commission at the Château de Versailles since the era of Louis XVI.. Charming and disarming, with a salt-and-pepper beard that lends his classic leading-man looks a more countrified allure, Benech, at 58, has steadily risen to occupy as prominent a place in contemporary French landscaping as Jacques Grange does in interior decoration. Lesen Sie unsere Leadstory des Monats und erfahren Sie, wie auch Sie sich ein Wohnzimmer im Freien schaffen können. Photo © Eric Sander, In this summer-flowering design for François and Maryvonne Pinault at their Mas Sainte-Anne vacation home above the town, Benech created a terraced lawn that offers stunning views of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Louis Benech sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Freiraumgestaltung Umfeld Berliner Schloss/Humboldt-Forum Um Überschneidungen zu vermeiden, habe ich hierfür ein eigenes Thema erstellt. Othoniel’s swooping arabesques of gold leaf–lined Murano glass were inspired by an 18th-century book filled with symbols for baroque dance steps. Four large blue glass boules mark the locations of the bouquet’s original fountains, which featured sculptures of cavorting children. Man erfreut sich an den Farben und Formen der Kunstwerke, den Gerüchen. But when your list of clients includes such starry names as François Pinault; Monaco’s Caroline, Princess of Hanover; banking heir Loel Guinness; Guy and Marie-Hélène de Rothschild; Jacques Grange; gallerist Pierre Passebon; and Benech’s longtime partner, shoe guru Christian Louboutin, word slips out. The Paris-based 51-year-old Othoniel brought his own ingenuity to the design after discovering, in a Boston library, L’Art de Décrire la Danse — a 1701 book by the choreographer Raoul-Auger Feuillet that included his graphic symbols for royal dance steps. rauschende Feste gefeiert, bevor das Theater 1775 unter der Herrschaft Ludwigs XVI. He’s established roots—quite literally—at the Tuileries Garden in Paris, the Bosquet du Théâtre d’Eau at Versailles, and the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Die beinahe klassischen Skulpturen im Garten bieten einen poetischen Anblick und verzaubern die Besucher.» Mit diesen Worten spricht der Bildhauer Jean-Michel Othoniel, der vor allem mit Murano-Glas arbeitet, von seinem Werk in den Gärten von Versailles. Photo © Chateau de Versailles/Christian Milet, This 2011 watercolor, which portrays the bosquet as it will look in several years, reveals Benech’s favorite element of his design: a small island in the lower pool that hosts an untrimmed boxwood and a lopsided Irish yew. The gardener is also noted for his ultra-discretion. Das Boskett des Wassertheaters wurde kürzlich für die Öffentlichkeit freigegeben und kann nun im Gegensatz zu den anderen –historischen und empfindlicheren – Bosketten, die nur während des Wasserspektakels Grandes Eaux zugänglich sind, täglich besichtigt werden. He also designed the « Versailles XXI » contemporary marble and concrete bench for this exceptional project. These sculptures represent a trio of dances: L’Entrée d’Apollon, Le Rigaudon de la Paix and La Bourée d’Achille, all posed upon Benech’s pools, which serve as the “stage.”, Four large blue-glass boules mark the positions where there were groups of children playing in the original fountains. Le Nôtre favored circles, but for the major outlines of his plan, Benech adopted the oval shape of the nearby Fontaine des Enfants Dorés — designed as L’Île des Enfants in 1710 — which is still under restoration. The swirling calligraphy of baroque minuets and rigaudons danced by the king and his courtiers became Othoniel’s inspiration for the swooping arabesques of gold-leaf–lined Murano glass boules in “Les Belles Danses,” his three Théâtre d’Eau fountains. photo © Eric Sander, Next to the lawn terraces in the Pinaults’ garden, Benech devised an alternative path down to the pool. For Louis Benech, the decisive move towards designing outdoor furniture took place in 2015. Both are possible descendants of Le Nôtre’s plantings, and both are survivors of those two terrible storms — “without which I wouldn’t be working here,” Benech said. Im offenen freiraumplanerischen Realisierungswettbewerb 2013 gewannen bbz landschaftsarchitekten aus Berlin den… Soupière du service Orloff par Jacques-Nicolas Roëttiers, 1770. Photo © Drive Productions. The Palace of Versailles launched an international competition in 2009 to restore the grove. Sie brauchen Unterstützung bei der Nutzung des 3D-Planers oder haben Fragen zu better-living? The French landscape designer Louis Benech … Die anmutigen Wasserstrahlen lassen an Menuette und Rigaudons denken und erinnern an feinste Spitze, genau wie die von Le Nôtre angelegten Parterres. Er macht im Schatten von Steineichen Halt, bevor sich ihm eine grosse Lichtung voller Wasser und Licht offenbart, mit Wasserbecken, die aus einer echten Theaterszene zu kommen scheinen. Select from premium Louis Benech of the highest quality. NEU ermöglicht Ihnen unser vollautomatische Online-Terminplaner, den gewünschten Termin bei Ihrem kompetenten Ausstellungs-Berater in der Ausstellung Ihrer Wahl direkt zu buchen. Photo © Château de Versailles, Thomas Garnier, A life-long lover of trees and plants, Benech gained international renown in the early 1990s as part of the team that revamped Paris’s Jardin des Tuileries during the Grand Louvre project; since then, he has gone on to complete even bigger commissions around the world. May 11, 2015, French landscape artist Louis Benech imagined his new design of the Bosquet du Théâtre d’Eau at the Château de Versailles as a joyous promenade around a water theater and its surrounding greenery. Die Gärten von Versailles sind mehr als eine einfache Grünanlage. Louis Benech is France’s most renowned landscape artist. A 1720 drawing of the Water-Theatre Grove by French landscape painter and engraver Jean Chaufourier shows three allées of waterfalls that converged on a circular amphitheater and stage. Open every day - Access only from the Neptune fountain and North Parterre side. To create the fountains, he worked with sculptor Jean-Michel Othoniel, whose magical world evokes childhood – a theme that was at the heart of the lost grove. The renowned yet humble French landscape designer Louis Benech is reimagining the four-acre Water Theater, the Sun King’s favorite grove. Landschaftsgärtner Louis Benech und Glaskünstler Jean-Michel Othoniel haben die im 17. Photo © Eric Sander, “I decided to rely on very simple facts — and to do it in a similar way to how Le Nôtre worked: not alone, but with a team of artists.”. (Crowned before his fifth birthday and terrified, at the age of 10, by the Fronde revolt, it’s no wonder that the Sun King decided to remove himself to Versailles, away from unruly Parisian mobs. Bei den Bäumen handelt es sich um immergrüne Arten, unter denen es sich zu jeder Jahreszeit entspannt entlang flanieren lässt. After a ferocious storm in 1999, the bosquet was thought to be damaged beyond repair — until Versailles announced an international competition for a contemporary redesign. Benech’s vision for this nearly four-acre grove combines nature, water and theater with an elegant nonchalance. “My drawing of the design was hideous,” he confesses, “and I was terrified by the competition.” Benech’s drawings “are practical, not artistic,” he explains — but a beautiful presentation does not always result in a beautiful garden. Der Besucher ist eingeladen, innezuhalten, sich am Spektakel des Tanzes auf dem Wasser zu erfreuen und in eine andere Welt einzutauchen. Benech’s custom “Versailles XXI” benches, made of light-gray, ultra high-performance concrete with fluted, red marble legs, offer spots for rest and repose along the way. Wir freuen uns über Ihre Kontaktaufnahme. The garden’s 17th-century theme was “Childhood;” its 21st-century reincarnation is for everyone. When the king visited the grove, fountains splashed for his arrival and were turned off after he passed. When Benech went to see the Pompidou’s 2011 exhibition of Othoniel’s work, he noticed how fascinated children were with the artist’s joyful sculptures — so he asked him to join the project. Le Nôtre notoriously hated flowers, so the surprise is that Benech has included what he describes as “tons” of blooms, including pink beauty bush, honeysuckle, snowballs, hellebores, irises and some sweet box — and carpets of some 60,000 tiny pale-violet periwinkles that are already peeping out from their leaves. Das Boskett des WassertheatersDas zwischen 1671 und 1674 von André Le Nôtre gestaltete Boskett wurde als Theater im Grünen konzipiert. Designer Louis Benech. Louis Benech is the landscape genius behind the Tuileries gardens, high place of both culture and cruising. “He loved children and had many of his own, but he he never really knew a normal childhood himself,” Benech explains. Gehören Sie zu den Ersten, die von den neusten Wohntrends und Einrichtungstipps erfahren. On June 17th, Christie’s shall auction some of the treasures collected by Commander Paul-Louis Weiller, with collections that are as flamboyant as the life he lived. Genauer gesagt ins Boskett des Wassertheaters, das kürzlich saniert und im Mai 2015 der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt wurde. Among them: the Tuileries, in Paris (his restoration, in 1990, with Pascal Cribier, established his reputation); Pavlovsk’s Rose Pavilion, in St. Petersburg, Russia; Château Mouton Rothschild, in Bordeaux; and the presidential Elysée Palace, in Paris. Erstklassige Nachrichtenbilder in hoher Auflösung bei Getty Images Ein moderner Garten – spontan und grosszügig«Der Garten ist ein Ort der Sanftheit, der friedlichen Begegnungen, der einem jede Last von den Schultern nimmt. Reservieren Sie Ihr ganz persönliches Beratungsgespräch in einer unserer 25 Standorten. – kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden Sie ähnliche Bilder auf Adobe Stock From the house, it leads down to a gravity-fed reservoir pool and three walks around the garden. Lassen Sie sich von unseren Artikeln für Ihre nächstes Projekt inspirieren. The landscaper intends to respect Le Nôtre’s edict of limiting tree height to 56 feet; today the maples, beeches and live oaks he planted are still young saplings. Genau wie es Le Nôtre einst beabsichtigte, damit das Wäldchen vom Schloss aus ganz unsichtbar bleibt und sich perfekt ans Umfeld anpasst. This week, the Château de Versailles inaugurated its newly renovated Water Theater grove with an original 10-minute performance by the new Paris Opera Ballet director Benjamin Millepied’s L.A. Dance Project. Dank unseres dichten Ausstellungsnetzes finden Sie uns schweizweit immer in Ihrer Nähe. © 2021 by BMS Building Materials Suisse. Top: Benech’s revamped bosquet spotlights the gilded Murano glass fountain sculptures by sculptor Jean-Michel Othoniel. Gärten von Louis Benech finden sich auf der ganzen Welt. With the Water Theater Grove, Benech followed in the footsteps of Le Nôtre creating the first contemporary garden ever to be seen in the historical surroundings of Versailles. Diese abstrakten Werke, die aus Arabesken und einem Flechtwerk aus Muranoglas bestehen, gleichen Körpern in Bewegung und sind von den Balletttänzen zu Zeiten des Sonnenkönigs inspiriert. Die aufwändig gestalteten Anlagen sind wahrhafte Wohnzimmer im Freien. Framed by two rows of myrsine Africana (African boxwood) clipped in a Greek key design, the straight gravel walk contrasts with clouds of blue caryopteris (bluebeard) and an olive grove sited in a dry agricultural field above. Louis XIV liked to remind his courtiers that his power didn’t come from them, but by divine right from God.”. Pictured in his Paris office, Louis Benech, … Photo © Château de Versailles, Thomas Garnier. Benech designed a small, serene island for two trees that may be descendants of Le Nôtre’s original plantings — a lopsided Irish yew and an untrimmed boxwood. The work was created by Jean-Baptiste Tuby after a drawing by Charles Le Brun and is inspired by the legend of the Sun god, the king’s emblem. abgerissen wurde, um einem Ensemble aus Alleen und Grünanlagen Platz zu machen, das nichts mehr mit dem Glanz des früheren Bosketts gemeinsam hatte. «Ich habe es nicht als Ort für einen Mann, einen Monarchen, entworfen, sondern für alle: Sonntagsspaziergänger, Touristen, Geschichtsliebhaber, Sportler, Träumer, Gärtner ...». “I wanted to hold onto the bosquet’s original conception of childhood,” Benech adds, “when all of the fountains had sculptures of children playing.” For his new version, he thought of Othoniel, who is celebrated for his dynamic, multihued glass-bead sculptures — and in particular one work that decorates the Métro entrance in the Place du Palais Royal. Nun wurde er wieder zum Leben erweckt und von zwei Künstlern neu interpretiert: dem Landschaftsarchitekten Louis Benech und dem Bildhauer Jean-Michel Othoniel. Benech followed in the footsteps of Le Nôtre creating the Water Theater Grove, the first contemporary garden ever to be seen in the historical surroundings of the Palais de Versailles. Benech asked Othoniel to re-imagine the bosquet’s fountains after he saw children paying rapt attention to the sculptor’s work at an exhibition at the Pompidou in 2011. (The innovative waterworks were then under the direction of hydraulic engineer François Francine.) Both survived the storms of the 1990s. (Over the centuries, the grove had been neglected, and then damaged beyond restoration by a pair of ferocious storms in the 1990s.) Viel Spass! Having graduated with a degree in law, he decided to work in England as an agricultural worker for Hillier nurseries. Photo © Eric Sander, Using the garden of Sainte-Anne as his canvas, Benech deployed plants as artists apply paint. (The views will evolve, of course, as the garden matures.) He also designed for this exceptional project a contemporary marble and concrete bench […] Jahrhundert erbaute Anlage „Bosquet du … Im Juli lässt sich das Leben am besten im Garten geniessen. No more stories to load; check out The Study. 19-mrt-2016 - Bekijk het bord 'Louis Benech' van freddy martens, dat wordt gevolgd door 2778 personen op Pinterest. The project submitted by landscaper Louis Benech and artist Jean-Michel Othoniel was retained and the new grove was inaugurated in 2015. Everyone, that is, except the refreshingly modest Benech. Photo by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, The proposal Benech submitted won the competition, and he was faced with a veritable “blank canvas” — nothing was left of the original site beyond some expanses of grass and neighboring shrubs. Vor kurzem hat der Franzose ein Projekt in den Gärten von Versailles abgeschlossen und ist gerade unterwegs nach Portugal, um in einem alten, verwilderten Garten verborgene Strukturen zum Leben zu erwecken. Für die Ruhepause dazwischen hat Louis Benech speziell für das Boskett Bänke entworfen: die «Versailles XXI». E-Mails werden Montag bis Freitag innert 48 Stunden beantwortet. ), With his 2003 garden for the 18th-century Château de Pange, Benech masterfully soothed the scars left by centuries of military operations in the war-torn Lorraine region of northeastern France; here, he created a butterfly-shaped “room” of holly walls that encircle statues of Pan and Flore. Among Versailles’s most elaborate bosquets, the original Water Theatre, constructed by Le Nôtre between 1671 and 1674, has long been considered one of the 17th-century landscape architect’s most ingenious designs. Jan 2, 2015 - Explore Aubyn Gwinn's board "Louis Benech", followed by 166 people on Pinterest. During a preview visit in mid-April, Benech himself explained his favorite element: a little island with two trees: an untrimmed boxwood and a lopsided Irish yew.