Which exam to give for which course & country? The HEC Paris SAI applications consists of four short questions (500 characters each) and an additional question regarding your sponsorship. The institute does not recommend its students to work off the campus while studying for the following reasons: Upon completing a full-time degree programme, graduates are accompanied by outstanding placement opportunities by the institution. HEC Paris was founded in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and is one of France’s Grandes Ecoles with HEC obviously being the one recognized as the best in the business domain. ... Pour rappel, la barre d’admissibilité d’HEC Paris s’élève cette année entre 14,05 et 14,10. In the very begining when they told me that their service is free of cost i was initially concerned weather they are genuine or not? International students may reach the official website and contact at: 1, rue de la Liberation HEC Paris is one of the top business schools in the world with a flexible MiM curriculum to tailor the course based on student’s career ambition. HEC Paris began its activity in 1881. It is crucial that you have your application ready by Round 1 or Round 2. What is the average GMAT score for admission to HEC Paris’s MBA program? Teaching more than 4,500 graduate and postgraduate degree students from all around the world, the institution accepts profiles from applicants of every possible country. Pour voir les résultats des autres écoles, c’est ici : Dates et liens des résultats d’admissions 2019 – BCE et Ecricome. Les modalités du concours pour intégrer HEC Le concours permettant d’intégrer HEC à l’issue est la BCE. Given below is the average profile of students enrolled in the MBA batch of 2020: Considering the nationalities of students, HEC MBA classes are more diversified as compared to PhD classes. Note: For information regarding admission decisions for all the courses, it is suggested to stay tuned with the latest updates on the official website of HEC Paris. What is the typical acceptance rate to the HEC Paris MBA program? These are located in the following nine countries: The data show that the institution not only welcomes international students from various nations but also grants admissions to as many international students as possible. HEC Paris collects your data in order to manage your application to the MBA program and to ensure a follow-up post-application. Pre-selected students are called for the second round of admission, i.e., the interview round. HEC Paris « Apprendre à oser », devise d’HEC Paris à travers laquelle l’école d’excellence affirme ses valeurs auxquelles elle demeure fidèle depuis 130 ans. The difficulty level and acceptance rate of HEC PhD courses can be understood with the help of the following class profile of PhD students admitted in 2020: The profile depicts diversity in the student body in terms of: There is also an impressive number of international students as well as female students in the batch. Step 2: Click on the ‘Register’ tab and create a new user account. We understand you may have some questions on the application. Le Programme Grande école de HEC Paris Voies d'admission : concours BCE pour les élèves de classes préparatoires en première année du Programme Grande école. HEC Paris recrute en effet beaucoup d’étudiants provenant d’institutions réputées à l’échelle mondiale, comme la London School of Economics ou la Bocconi. International Student Headcount in MBA Class of 2020. These jobs also help students earn extra income. Lors d'un entretien, nos Conseillers Formation évaluent vos aptitudes, votre motivation, ainsi que votre appréciation de la valeur d'un Executive Mastère d'HEC Paris dans la réalisation de vos objectifs personnels et professionnels. Students may contribute to course development, delivery, and administration. Master’s degrees (including dual-degree programme), Groupement de Recherche et d’Etudes en Gestion à HEC Paris (GREGHEC), Teaching chairs in corporate initiatives: 9, Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS in any field of studies, Bachelor’s degree from a known university with good scores, Cambridge English exam: Minimum score of 185 with at least 176 on each section, Personal statement of motivation for PhD applicants, Professional resume for MBA and PhD applicants, Research work: Dissertation or paper (for PhD – optional), Passport-size photo (not older than six months), Copy of valid passport or birth certificate, Economics and Decision Sciences: Economic Impact of Entrepreneurship Training, Strategy and Business Policy: Purposeful Leadership, Rigorous graduate and post-graduate curriculum demands its students to pay full attention to studies, Internship opportunities granted as part of the curriculum are not counted as off-campus jobs or placements, 1,500 periodicals in a variety of languages, Compulsory insurances (health and civil liability). Demande d'admission Étape 1 – Rassembler les pièces requises. HEC Paris estimates that students will spend an additional 24,945 euros in budgeted living expenses. Considering the previous years’ difficulty level of getting into HEC MBA, refer to the table of MBA alumni profile below: Graduates who accepted jobs within 3 months from graduation, Graduates who found jobs outside their home countries. Note: Aspirants may apply within the year of completing their under-graduation, which means that work experience is not required to apply for a master’s degree at HEC Paris. These jobs should not be confused with internships or part-time working options outside of college. Students must adopt the same approach to apply for doctorate degrees. The institution has no fixed number of seats for its national or international students. C’est ta moyenne lors de ce concours qui permettra de déterminer ton admission ou non à HEC. The school was established by the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP). Financial documents required for abroad studies? HEC Paris has been developing the skills and knowledge of high potential managers and business leaders for over 130 years. En parallèle de ces deux voies d'admission, le programme Grande Ecole d'HEC Paris recrute également directement au sein d'écoles partenaires, dans le cadre d'accords de Doubles Diplômes. HEC School of Management is highly renowned as a university that managed to stay in the top 5% worldwide rankings. To utilise this benefit, it is suggested to apply soon after being accepted for an on-campus programme. We encourage you to check the school/department’s website for the exact fee. HEC Paris MiM Admission Process. What are chances of receiving scholarship? They may also contribute to the on-going research process in streams including but not limited to: Such jobs help students expand their horizons in teaching methodology as well as intricacies of research topics. Nous vous conseillons de vous familiariser avec nos programmes en discutant avec le conseiller formation du programme. Candidates already sponsored with a 50% waiver in their tuition fees are not eligible to avail these scholarships. Step 4: Choose the preferred course and intake, click ‘Next’, and start filling the following tabs: Step 5: Keep the documents ready for uploading at the time of declaration. International students need to have the following documents handy at the time of application: Note: These are general requirements for applying to the institution that may vary with different courses. Admission to HEC Paris in Qatar degree programs is open year round and is done on a rolling basis. All the candidates are offered the aid of over EUR 1 million each year. L'École des hautes études commerciales de Paris est une des business school françaises les plus reconnues du monde. These are granted as an adjustment in the final payment of tuition fee. 130 ans d’inspiration, d’innovation, de formation et de professionnalisation. Mostly working in the areas of Economics and Management, the faculty members possess a doctorate themselves. Over 8,000 professionals study in the HEC Executive Education Programs. Application Deadlines. Admissions Criteria. The 50 countries represented in the table belong to four major regions. Chaque année, 400 candidats sont ainsi admis sur concours. HEC Paris (French: École des hautes études commerciales de Paris) is an international business school established in 1881 and located in Jouy-en-Josas, France.Among the most selective French grandes écoles (institutions of higher education), HEC Paris offers its flagship Master in Management, MBA and EMBA programs, specialised MSc programs, a PhD program, and … HEC alumni have found employment in various industrial sectors. The Master in Management program at HEC Paris is designed for the leaders of tomorrow. We encourage you to check the school/department’s website for exact deadlines. Postulez Webinars Programme Grande Ecole. HEC School of Management is in the top 50 universities of France. Step 4: Get ready for two interviews with HEC Paris MBA alumni. But now as i have...Read More, Reviewed by Sandeep Kumar from HEC has been regarded as one of the top three European Business Schools to offer quality Research programmes under 120 celebrated professors, who are also expert researchers and senior-level practitioners. The scholarships cover only tuition fee of the on-campus courses taken at the institution. Each member of the jury will fully review your application, including your essays, your letters of recommendation and the notes taken by our interviewers. What many students might not know about HEC is that the deemed institution has collaborated with 31 academic partners in nine Asian countries. It can typically take 4-6 weeks for a candidate to go through the entire process. Step 3: Impress the pre-selection jury and get shortlisted for the next round. MBA applicants need to follow the steps given below to complete the programme application, MBA interviews, and scholarship application: Step 1: Connect with HEC Paris on appform.topapply.com/applicationformmodule/index/hec. All graduate and doctorate applicants need to follow these steps to the application (given below are the screenshots for MS application that goes the same way as PhD application): Step 1: Sign up on hecmasters.gomovein.com/locallogin/5bc1cf6bf75de752bd431e62/eng#. After being selected through documentation process students are called for a 25-30 minute interview round. Step 3: Read the ‘Inormation’ section thoroughly and press ‘Next’. Students may choose to stay on the campus with the following facilities: As per the 2020 budget, the accommodation cost including all these facilities was approximately EUR 1,000/month. HEC Paris (French: École des hautes études commerciales de Paris) is an international business school established in 1881 and located in Jouy-en-Josas, France. You have to articulately convert your thoughts into words as the character limit is less and the value of the answers is sky high. HEC Paris has an acceptance rate of 17.5% for all its national and international students. Your data will be kept for a duration of 3 years and is reserved to the use of HEC Paris and will under no circumstances be communicated to a third party. HEC Paris ranked #1 worldwide for Executive Education by the Financial Times in 2014. HEC Paris ascended two spots to #2 in last month’s Forbes 2019 ranking of global MBA programs.. Last year’s graduates garnered the highest median base salary ($127,410) and signing bonus ($28,943) of any international program. On a 340-acre wooded campus, the institution is sited 10 miles away from southwest of Paris and close to Versailles. *Costs are subject to change with progressive years, hence it is recommended to check the official website for the latest updates. The only campus of HEC Paris has been carefully established in the Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster to allow the learners to work closely with the scientists while experimenting and innovating. Admission dans le cadre d'un double diplôme français En parallèle de ces deux voies d'admission, le programme Grande Ecole d'HEC Paris recrute également directement au sein d'écoles partenaires, dans le cadre d'accords de Doubles Diplômes. Step 7: The saved form can be accessed from where it was left, refer below: Step 8: Click on the ‘Continue’ button to continue filling the form. beIN turns to HEC Paris in Qatar for leadership development. The number of international students representing the largest national groups in the MBA Class of 2020 is as follows: Given below is the data on accepted international students in MBA Class of 2021: The 50 countries represented in the table belong to four major regions. Hyderabad on 6 Feb 2021, Admitted to California State University, East Bay for Masters of Humanities in Social in USA, Intake: Jan 2021. International HEC aspirants need to meet the following eligibility criteria as a mandate: Graduate (MS) Level Eligibility Requirements. 78351 Jouy en Josas Cedex, We will try to get your question answered from University representatives. Étape 1 Rassemblez les pièces requises; Étape 2 Remplissez une demande d'admission; ... Les résultats officiels des tests passés ailleurs qu’à HEC Montréal doivent être transmis directement par l’organisme responsable. Step 5: Receive the admission jury and official notification of admission. The next most benefitted industry is Financial Services followed by the Technology sector. HEC Paris MBA holds its ground as one of the best MBA programs in Europe. It has maintained its top rank consistently. The normal time of admission decisions at the institution is more or less a month. Vous avez choisi votre formation HEC Paris. Le concours d'entrée des grandes écoles de management, organisé par la Banque Commune d’Épreuves (BCE), est ouvert aux élèves issus des classes préparatoires économiques et commerciales et à ceux des classes préparatoires littéraires. The selection criteria of MBA awards are highly competitive covering the major categories of merit and criteria-based considerations. HEC MBA Notable International Alumni Headcount. What is a typical ratio of domestic to international students accepted into the program? It provides plenty of programs for professionals looking to make a future in the field of management ... Il est important de noter que les processus d’admission sont différents selon les formations. Once the programme application is complete, the jury would consider applicants’ candidatures. The institution offers state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities to its students in the following: Information Systems and Operations Management. However, it is also to be noted that the class size of Business courses is much bigger than that of doctoral courses. Liste des concour(s) en cours / List of current competition (s) Candidature Join a School in France / Application through Join a School in France *Deadlines vary depending on the course and can change frequently. International applicants may apply in either of the two intakes: The institution has rolling application deadlines for all its graduate courses, thus students need to visit the official website and fill the form for the latest opened courses. How to Get Into HEC Paris. Once the candidate gets pre-selected, he/she will have two separate one-on-one interviews with HEC Paris MBA alumni. HEC Paris pourrait être … For these programs, the School cannot guarantee that all eligible applicants will be admitted. Step 2: Complete the application as per the guidelines available. Among the most selective French grandes écoles, HEC Paris offers its flagship Master in Management, MBA and EMBA programs, specialized MSc programs, a PhD program, and … HEC Paris Admission Requirements. To get started please complete the relevant preliminary form and introduce yourself. The partnership constitutes of 10 academic partners in Greater China, 5 in India, 4 in Japan, 3 each in Singapore and South Korea, and 1 each in Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. The doctorate students as well as alumni are regularly bestowed with HEC Student Awards. École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris or HEC Paris is a French postgraduate business institution located in the south-western suburbs of Paris, 10.2 miles from the centre of the main city. The institution grants full-time degrees and executive programmes at the following levels: Note: HEC does not offer undergraduate courses to international students. The program offers exceptional international opportunities, international opportunities.