Diego Maradona said his first goal against England at the 1986 World Cup was scored by the 'hand of God'. Under association football rules, Maradona should have received a yellow card for using his hand[1] and the goal disallowed. 6.3k. Diego Maradona's greatest goal: Watch the Argentine superstar carve up England's defense during 1986 World Cup El Gol del Siglo is just … Maradona had earlier made headlines after he pushed the ball with his hand to give his side the lead in the 51st minute. All Rights Reserved. Hand of God: Diego Maradona’s legendary goal for Argentina v England at the 1986 World Cup remembered Diego Maradona was an "un-coachable streetfighter" who single-handedly "destroyed" England's World Cup hopes in 1986, says Terry Fenwick. 0 I don't like it. It wasn't my plan but the action happened so fast that the linesman didn't see me putting my hand in. (El Grafico via AP, File) A los cuarenta y siete años me parece que pedirles disculpas a los ingleses es una estupidez.»)[5][failed verification]. ("Ahora sí puedo contar lo que en aquel momento no podía, lo que en aquel momento definí como «La mano de Dios»... Qué mano de Dios, ¡fue la mano del Diego!"). Legendary Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona died Wednesday at the age of 60. The game was held four years after the Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom, and was a key part in the already intense Argentina–England football rivalry. View in App Just four minutes after that infamous goal, Maradona went past a host of English players to fire past the goalkeeper in breathtaking fashion. They talk about contradictions. The "Hand of God" became a popular phrase and is still referred to around the world. Luis Miguel Echegaray was joined by Andrés Cantor to remember the extraordinary life of Diego Maradona on an emergency episode of the Que Golazo! I never apologized to anyone. Maradona's second goal in eventual champions Argentina's 2-1 quarterfinal victory is regarded as one of the best of all time. 1:29 pm ET, Klopp says City's 'two-week break' key to success, The best PL signings of the 2020 summer window, Liverpool vs. Man City: Three bold predictions, Brazilian player suspended after naked celebration, Klopp says City's 'two-week break' key to their success, Player ratings: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea, Griezmann sparks Barca comeback in Copa del Rey, Onana suspension adds to horrible Ajax week. DIEGO MARADONA DEAD: WORLD MOURNS FOOTBALL ICON. BONGARTS But although … The quarter-final between Argentina and England was the most memorable encounter of the 1986 World Cup, and the defining match of Diego Maradona's career.. 1986. Diego Maradona's career defining performance against England at the 1986 World Cup was a symbolic revenge for the Falklands War and made him cultural icon in Argentina. FILE - In this June 22, 1986 file photo, Argentina's Diego Maradona, left, beats England's goalkeeper Peter Shilton to a high ball and scores his first of two goals at the World Cup quarterfinal soccer match in Mexico City. It was a nice feeling like some sort of symbolic revenge against the English."[6]. Yo nunca le pedí perdón absolutamente a nadie. In the original text of the interview, it could be seen that Maradona had never asked for forgiveness for the goal from the Hand of God. In 2005, 19 years after scoring the controversial goal, Maradona confessed on a program La Noche del 10, that the goal was actually scored with his hand. Watch: Diego Maradona’s ‘Goal of the Century’ against England in 1986 World Cup The Argentine legend died on Thursday after suffering a heart attack at the age of 60. In the same match where he scored the Hand of God, Maradona scored what is widely considered as the greatest goal ever, showing an individual ability to carve up England's defense in a breathtaking moment. Maradona's goal against England in 1986 - Argentina 2-1 England - The goal of the century 6.3k. A few days later, The Sun newspaper confirmed that it had modified the interpretation of Maradona's words and asked to change the name to The Devil's Hand. Add to my favorites. It was tough. Several world media outlets reported the news, creating controversy. "The hand of God" was a phrase used by the Argentine footballer Diego Maradona to describe a goal that he scored during the Argentina v England quarter finals match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Diego Maradona punches the ball into the net for his 'Hand of God' goal against England in 1986. Aparte no tengo que pedir perdón yendo a hacer una nota a Inglaterra. To please who? The Argentina–England football rivalry is a highly competitive sports rivalry that exists between the national football teams of the two countries, as well as their respective sets of fans.Games between the two teams, even those that are only friendly matches, are often marked by notable and sometimes controversial incidents.. FILE - In this June 22, 1986 file photo, Argentina's Diego Maradona, left, beats England's goalkeeper Peter Shilton to a high ball and scores his first of two goals … In the 2019 documentary film Diego Maradona directed by Asif Kapadia, Maradona links the event to the Falklands War four years earlier, saying "[w]e, as Argentinians, didn't know what the military was up to. 81 min: HELLO! ¿Para qué? England vs. Argentina, the quarterfinal of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Tags: 1986 world cup agrentina vs england argentina diego maradona England goal of the century hand of god hand of god goal Maradona maradona 1986 world cup Maradona Death maradona tribute Mexico twitter reactions what is hand of god Barnes runs over it and makes off down the left. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: soccer | pageType: stories | Maradona responded: "I never spoke of forgiveness. The game ended with a 2–1 win for the Argentines, thanks to a second goal scored by Maradona, known as the "Goal of the Century". Now I can say what I couldn't at that moment, what I defined at that time as The Hand of God. So the story is already written, nothing can change it. In that second goal, frequently voted the best of all time, Maradona dribbled past much of the England team … Alone inside the penalty box and with the ball dropping down, Maradona contested the ball with goalkeeper Peter Shilton, who stood 20 centimetres (8 inches) taller than Maradona. But in reality, England was winning 20–0. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. However, as the referees did not have a clear view of the play and video assistant referee technology did not yet exist, the goal stood and Argentina led 1–0. Así que la historia ya está escrita, ya no la puede cambiar nada ni nadie. England - Argentina, world cup football championship Mexico 1986. ... Login Upload your video. Diego Maradona was either a demon or a dream, depending on whether you were listening to BBC Radio or Radio Argentina by Sam Markham | diagram by Joel Speasmaker How many of the 114,580 people in Estadio Azteca on June 22, 1986, missed one or both of Diego Maradona’s goals against England because they were … England pushed forward in an attempt to respond but a few minutes later, Maradona doubled Argentina's lead with a goal that, as Davies put it, there was no … podcast. Goal of the Century may not do it justice. Thirty years ago on June 22, 1986 Maradona scored two goals against England, the first one dubbed "Hand of God" goal with his left hand as he jumped for the ball in front of goalkeeper Peter Shilton. Il goal più bello della storia. He then fully celebrated the goal when it was given. FILE - In this June 22, 1986 file photo, Argentina's Diego Maradona, left, beats England's goalkeeper Peter Shilton to a high ball and scores his first of two goals … It was also a match which included two of the most famous goals in football history, both scored by Argentina captain Diego Marad… While it is impossible to not mention the infamous Maradona Hand of God moment while discussing the Argentina vs England 1986 World Cup quarter-final, the game also saw Diego Maradona score one of his greatest goals ever. Maradona Hand of God Goal Video: The venue was Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. Lo que más me jode es que se hacen eco en Argentina y hacen hablar a... gente que me conoce. For all his God-given footballing genius, Diego Maradona, at least for a generation of England fans, will be forever demonised for a moment of skulduggery in Mexico City's Azteca Stadium at the 1986 World Cup. Argentina v England was a football match played on 22 June 1986 between Argentina and England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. However, as the referees did not have a clear view of the play and video assistant ref… Diego Maradona slurs his words and admits: 'I'm bruised' in a shocking last video of the Argentina icon taken just days before he died.. Valdano tried to take on several English defenders, but the ball was intercepted and thrown back and forth and eventually cleared towards England's goal by English midfielder Steve Hodge. What a hand of God, it was the hand of Diego! But the one moment that will stand out is his greatest ever goal which came in the 1986 World Cup against England. Image: Diego Maradona, who died last year after a heart attack, kisses the World Cup after Argentina beat West Germany in 1986 Central bankers, said King, do much the same thing. 6-keys: media/spln/soccer/reg/free/stories, at (Getty) 'The Hand of God', it was dubbed. I knew it was my hand. It was Argentina's second World Cup title and came at the peak of Maradona's career. ¿Para ganarme a quién? Under association football rules, Maradona should have received a yellow card for using his hand and the goal disallowed. Yet, you ask any football fan about the greatest goal scored and the first that comes to mind is perhaps Diego Maradona’s magical goal against England in the 1986 World Cup. Because of the position of the players, Maradona would have been caught offside, but as the ball came off an opponent, he was onside. Maradona's fist, which was raised close to his head, touched the ball first and hit the ball into England's goal. Listen below: © 2004-2021 CBS Interactive. They told us that we were winning the war. The goal took place on 22 June 1986, at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Hablan de contradicciones. And that was what I said. section: | slug: diego-maradonas-greatest-goal-watch-the-argentine-superstar-carve-up-englands-defense-during-1986-world-cup | sport: soccer | route: article_single.us | Diego Maradona scored one of the most underhanded goals in World Cup history in 1986. The former Boca Juniors and Napoli superstar will be remembered for many things, including adding a level of grace and technical skill on the ball that was never seen before at that level. The hype made it seem like we were going to play out another war. The stage - 1986 World Cup. Argentina’s 2-1 victory over England in front of 115,000 fans on June 22, 1986 is remembered entirely for the two moments from Maradona which would ultimately settle a contest simmering with political overtones. On this day: This was the day of the "Hand of God," when Maradona used his left fist to knock a ball past England's Shilton. [3] Even Peter Shilton rejected the apology, arguing that it was now too late. The goal took place on 22 June 1986, at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. At forty-seven I think that apologizing to the English is stupid. Share. 80 min England have been the better team since Maradona’s second goal, without creating much. I said only that the story could not be changed, that I do not have to apologize to anyone, because it was a football game in which there were 100,000 people in the Azteca stadium, twenty-two players, that there were two linesmen, that there was one referee, that Shilton (the goalkeeper) speaks up now and he hadn't noticed, the defenders had to tell him. Argentina 2-1 England. Some other famous football handballs are: Association football goal scored by Diego Maradona, Maradona pide perdón por la "Mano de Dios", Peter Shilton rechazó las disculpas de Maradona, “Maradona dijo que no se disculpó a los ingleses”, "Argentina legend Diego Maradona says 'Hand of God' goal against England was 'symbolic revenge' for the Falklands War", "13 June 1990: Diego Maradona's other World Cup handball", "La mano de Henry lleva a Francia al Mundial", "Ireland outraged after French handball nixes World Cup hopes", "World Cup 2010: The Hand of God belongs to me, says Luis Suárez", "Hand of God: Maradona-style handball goal goes unnoticed in AFC Cup – video", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_hand_of_God&oldid=1003002445, Articles with failed verification from January 2020, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with failed verification from November 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 January 2021, at 01:00. That goal helped Argentina get past England in the quarterfinals en route to winning the World Cup. However, it … Hablé solamente de que la historia no se podía cambiar, de que yo no tengo por qué pedirle disculpas a nadie, porque fue un partido de fútbol en el que había cien mil personas en el Azteca, veintidós jugadores, que había dos líneas, que había un árbitro, que Shilton «el arquerazo ese» sale a hablar ahora y él no se había dado cuenta, se lo tuvieron que decir los defensores. Besides, I don't have to apologize by making a statement to England. The referee looked at me and he said: 'Goal.' Six minutes into the second half of the game, Maradona took the ball out of the box with his left leg and passed it to teammate Jorge Valdano. After the match, Diego Maradona stated that the goal was scored "a little with his head, and a little with the hand of God". "The hand of God" was a phrase used by the Argentine footballer Diego Maradona to describe a goal that he scored during the Argentina v England quarter finals match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup. [4] Maradona, a few days after the article came out, denied everything, saying that the newspaper had misquoted him. At the end of the first half, while the game was still tied at 0-0, Maradona was beginning to influence the end outcome of the match. "[5][failed verification](«Yo en ningún momento hablé de perdón. Subscribe 5. The No. Think of that famous Maradona goal in that infamous 1986 World Cup match against England - the one he scored with his feet rather than his hand. Diego Maradona uses his hand to find a way past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton to open the scoring. Search. Mexican photographer Alejandro Ojeda Carbajal immortalized this moment in a photograph in which Maradona can be seen hitting the ball with his hand. Another free kick, this time to the left of the box. The rivalry is unusual in that it is an intercontinental … What Maradona could do with the ball at his feet has never been matched by any player in the world as he captivated millions during his extensive, controversial career. For what? orei. Y eso fue lo que dije. On the line was a place in the semi-finals. The legendary live commentary by Victor Hugo Morales of the Maradona's Goal of the Century, which exemplifies its characteristic style. ENGLAND ARE BACK IN IT!!! It's known as the "Hand of God." Four minutes after the first goal, Maradona went on to score what is considered one of the greatest goals ever scored and was later voted FIFA's Goal of the Century. Tunisian referee Ali Bennaceur gave the goal, but after the English players' protests he sought the advice of his second linesman who confirmed the goal. Argentina 2 - 1 England. Hoddle tries to find him, but Argentina are wise to the grift and charge his pass down. Shilton jumped forward with his right hand, while Maradona did so with his left arm outstretched. 1 I like it. Maradona: The most beautiful goal in the history. Maradona … Today, Diego Armando Maradona died at the age of 60 and we can only remember him as what he was, the best. What pisses me off the most is that they repeat this in Argentina and talk to people who know me. Maradona began to celebrate while glancing sideways at the referee and the linesman for confirmation.

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